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New Art Songs: Mission Accomplished

Dr. Faustus's last project,  "New Art Songs: a 21st century songbook" finally bore its fruits with a very successful concert, last Friday (5/18) at the WMP Concert Hall in NYC, featuring the premiere of four brand new song cycles: Ramin Heydarbeygi's Astvihad, André Brégégère's Six poèmes, Daniel Colson's Death and Becoming, and Osnat Netzer's ten songs of yesno—all four commissioned by Dr. Faustus—performed by singers Mary Hubbell, Seth Gilman, and David Salsbery Fry; and by pianists Mirna Lekic, David Friend, and Aaron Likness.


Many thanks to all involved in this project: composers, for writing such wonderful pieces; performers, for their time and dedication in bringing the music to life; the audience, for making this concert a success (it is always nice to see a full house!); our contributors, whose generous donations made this event possible.

Here are a few photos and videos of the concert, and its preparation (all photos courtesy of Seth Gilman, unless otherwise indicated):

André Brégégère and Mirna Lekic at work during rehearsal


Osnat Netzer


David Friend and Mary Hubbell


Seth Gilman, in the "Green Room" at WMP

Ramin Heydarbeygi, arriving at WMP


Aaron Likness, peeking in the hall during dress rehearsal

Andre Bregegere (left) and David Salsbery Fry (right)

The beautiful WMP Concert Hall (obviously, before the concert!)

Ramin Heydarbeygi's Astvihad (Mary Hubbell, soprano; Mirna Lekic, piano)

 André Brégégère's Six Poèmes (Seth Gilman, Baritone; Mirna Lekic, piano)


Daniel Colson's Death and Becoming (Mary Hubbell, soprano; David Friend, piano)


Osnat Netzer's ten songs of yesno (David Salsbery Fry, bass; Aaron Likness, piano)

Another photo from ten songs of yesno, a decidedly "hands-on" piece!

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