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Dr. Faustus 2020

Hello there! It has been a while, but Dr. Faustus is finally back in business with a brand new project. It is still in its early stage, but we could not wait any longer to share some of the details with you today.


Temporarily named “Dr. Faustus 2020,” our new project involves the commission of new intermedia works featuring music and visuals. We are still working on the technical details, but our overarching requirement will be that the works combine the two mediums in a truly integrated manner. Once completed, the works will receive (at least) two performances, one in New York City, and one in San Francisco—yes, we are expanding to the West coast! Our goal is to organize these two performances sometimes in the fall 2020.


That is all we can announce for now, but we will keep you posted as the project develops. And to stay in the loop, you can also like our Facebook page for regular updates!


New Synchronisms: Thank You!

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2015, Dr. Faustus presented its latest project, New Synchronisms, inspired by Mario Davidovsky’s eponymous compositions.

From left to right: Liam Kinson, Red Wierenga, Inés Thiebaut, Nicholas R. Nelson, André Brégégère, Mario Davidovsky, Elizabeth Adams, Jonathan Singer, Karen Kim. (photo courtesy of Jessica Rudman)

The concert featured five world premieres of works for solo instrument and electronic sounds by composers Elizabeth Adams, André Brégégère, Nicholas R. Nelson, Inés Thiebaut, and Red Wierenga, performed by Jen Baker (tbn), Steve Beck (pf), Karen Kim (vn), Liam Kinson (cl), and John Singer (perc); and a performance of Davidovsky’s Synchronism No. 12 by Ben Ringer (cl). 

Thank you to our composers and performers for creating these fantastic new works!

Many thanks also to:

  • The generous contributors who donated to our IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign
  • The SEM Ensemble for lending us the wonderful Willow Place Auditorium for the concert
  • The Music Department at the Graduate Center (CUNY), for lending us some their equipment (speakers, etc.)
  • And, last but not least, the great Mario Davidovsky for inspiring this project, and being kind enough to join us for the concert!


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