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Spring 2013 Concert Update (2): Hammerklavier!

More news regarding Dr. Faustus's Spring 2013 project:

First, our project finally has a name: the Hammerklavier Project, featuring the commission of four new pieces for piano and percussion by up-and-coming composers Daniel Blake, Elizabeth Adams, Paul Kerekes, and Inés Thiebaut, to be premiered at the Benzaquen Hall @Dimenna Center in Manhattan on Friday, May 31 2013.

We also are proud to announce our finalized our roster of outstanding performers, with pianists Steven Beck and Mirna Lekić; and percussionist Alex Lipowski and Melanie Sehman!

Finally, in preparation to the concert, Dr. Faustus has been invited by Professor David Olan to offer a presentation of the project, complete with preview performance of excerpts and  Q&A session with the composers and performers, at the Graduate Center's composers workshop in early May.

Stay tuned for more detail on the Hammerklavier Project and its participants on our upcoming project page—and the unveiling our new postcard by artist Maia Cruz Palileo!

As always, you can also contribute directly to our effort with a tax-deductible donation by visiting our donation page (all donations received are used exclusively towards our primary mission: the commissioning and creation of new works by emerging composers).

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