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Spring 2013 Concert Update (1)

A quick update on our upcoming piano and percussion concert:

First, we set the date and location for the concert: it will take place at the Dimenna center (450 West 37th Street, NY) on the evening of Friday, May 31, 2013—Mark your calendars!

We also finalized our roster of composers, commissioned by Dr. Faustus to write a brand new piece for the concert. We will proudly present new commissioned works by  Paul Kerekes, Daniel Blake, and Elizabeth Adams. in addition, our beloved co-director, Inés Thiebaut, will also contribute a piece. We also recruited an elite group of performers: the dream team includes percussionists Alex Lipowski and Melanie Sehman; and pianists Steve Beck and Mirna Lekić.

Thank your for your visit, and come back soon for additional updates—including, we hope, the project's final name (suggestions welcome!).

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