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Hammerklavier: Thank you!

The Hammerklavier concert is over, and it was a huge success! We had a full house house at DiMenna. Many thanks to all for coming to the concert, it meant a lot to us. Congratulations to Dan Blake, Elizabeth Adams, Paul Kerekes, and Inés Thiebaut for their amazing pieces, and to our performers, Melanie Sehman, Mirna Lekić, Matthew Gold, and Steven Beck, for their fantastic performance and dedication to the music.

We would also like to give a special thank to:

  • Maia Cruz Palileo for offering her wonderful artwork for this event
  • Robert E. Anderson, for generously offering his time and expertise to record this concert
  • The Music Students Association of the CUNY Graduate Center
  • The Doctoral Student Council of the CUNY Graduate Center
  • And, last but not least, our supporters for their generous contributions:

Stephen Blum

François Menahem Brégégère

Doucet & Stephen E. Fischer

Michel Gaspard & Marianne Wolff

Ramin Heydarbeygi

Hubert Howe

Vedran Lekić

Thomas McCarthy

Donna & Bud Ogle

Ursula Oppens

Carlos Thiebaut

François Wolff

Thank you again, and stay tuned for regular updates on our future projects on this website, or on Facebook an Twitter, @DrFaustusmusic

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