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Nicholas R. Nelson, has been composing vocal, choral, orchestral and experimental music since his early years, receiving his international premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 1998.  After moving to Brooklyn to study at Brooklyn College and with Morton Subotnick and George Brunner, Nick then joined the City University of New York Graduate Center as a doctoral student, studying with Douglas Geers and Jason Eckardt, and remains engaged as a lecturer in Music Technology at Brooklyn College.

Nelson’s work has been performed all over New York City—in addition to performances in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Hong Kong.  Performers who have collaborated with Nick include trombonist David Whitwell, organist Clio∂na Shanahan, and flautist Laura Cocks, and he is engaged for future endeavours with ensembles in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany.
He is currently working on his commission for the New Synchronisms project with Clarinetist Liam Kinson.

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